Publish a BOM for multi-module projects

A BOM enables consumers of a library to select consistent versions for artifacts included in that library. Importing a BOM does not add any dependencies to a project. Instead, for any module in a project’s dependency tree, if that module appears in the BOM, the version from the BOM is used.

The BOM (Bill of Materials)

A BOM is a pom.xml file that has <packaging>pom</packaging>. The <dependencyManagement> section lists all the modules of a project. The BOM can omit the <modules> section and does not have a <dependencies> section. Consumers of a multi-module library import the library’s BOM in their own <dependencyManagement> section and omit the versions from the specific modules they import. The versions will be set by the BOM. This provides consistent versions for artifacts released by a single project. Your project’s BOM should include every non-test-scoped module in the project. Otherwise, a consumer who depends on an unspecified module must specify and upgrade the version of that module, defeating the purpose of the BOM.

Your project’s BOM should not include any of your dependencies on other libraries. Specifying versions of libraries from other projects can lead to BOM dependency conflicts that are exceedingly tricky to resolve

A BOM is not necessary for projects that only have one module, since there is no consistency problem in that case.

See the details specific to each build system in the following sections.

Libraries built with Maven

Create a module containing only the BOM pom.xml file and add the BOM module to the parent <modules> list. A BOM can inherit from a parent as long as the parent is not part of the build path. Unlike the module POMs of a Maven project, the BOM does not inherit from the parent POM that’s used for building other modules of the library. The reason is that a parent will have direct (and possibly transitive) dependencies in its <dependencyManagement> section to ensure that its build is consistent, but these dependency versions shouldn’t be imported by consumers who import the BOM.

Example BOM: google-cloud-bom.

Libraries built with Gradle

A Gradle project should maintain a pom.xml and release it using a specially configured module. gax-java does this, for example, in its gax-bom module.